“My Passion Consumes Me!”


“The Passion Journal.”

the tool that artists, creatives & entrepreneurs never knew they were missing.


Less than two years after the release of my debut book, “Harmonious Chaos.” I’m back with number two! The Passion Journal is an interactive guide, for indecisive creatives (from various walks of life). This journal probes you to dig within and uncover what you're truly passionate about, while simultaneously identifying the obstacles/fears that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.



The Passion Journal is literally like having an in house accountability partner. Literally every time I turn the page there’s a quote thats letting me know I need to get my “ish” together and to stop second guessing myself...
— J.H.
The Passion Journal is like a diary, but guided by questions that help you to self-reflect and focus on one idea/moment at a time. The journal’s graphics are really beautiful and inspires you to use your imagination. I love how it was a conversation with myself that forced a level of vulnerability and truth I haven’t experienced...
— I. B.
The Passion Journal… it’s nothing short of amazing. It will literally change your life. I enjoy how it promotes healthy thinking which I feel leads to growth. I feel like any and everyone, young or old could connect with this amazing piece of art!
— D.M.
The Passion Journal is an amazing creation with spot on questions and dialogue provoking material. It’s funny how asking the right question can lead to a major breakthrough and feelings of mental clarity...
— T.D.

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