What is #BJC?

#BeeJacksCorner began as an Instagram hashtag. It was a way to release thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I felt I could not discuss with those closest to me. It later catapulted into a brand, and eventually an LLC. Through literature, film, and merchandise, the goal of #BeeJacksCorner is to make expressing your emotions/feelings "cool" again. I want to show this generation, and all those that follow, that pretending to be tougher, less compassionate, less empathetic, or nonchalant DO NOT make us feel better. We will never progress, evolve, or heal by outwardly ignoring and inwardly despising our emotions. I want to create a culture that allows little boys and girls, women AND men to freely talk about what they're feeling, why they're feeling it, and that they're not ashamed to feel whatever it may be that they're feeling, emotionally. I also want them to feel a little lighter, freer, more coherent, and HAPPIER, afterwards. I self-published my first prose/poetry compilation book "Harmonious Chaos." (in October); and as a twenty-four year old, this was no easy feat. However, I did it for that specific reason. Can you imagine the decrease we would see in bullying, violence, and even suicide, if we weren't shunned, culturally, for being open about our struggles, heartbreaks, weaknesses, and fears? #BeeJacksCorner encourages you to LOVE YOURSELF, exactly as you are.