Who is Bee L. Jack?

  Hi! I’m Bee Jack.

A twenty-five year old writer, cheeseburger enthusiast, actress, empath, dreamer & entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Prince George's County Maryland, I am the creator of #BeeJacksCorner (@beejackscorner), an Instagram hashtag that catapulted into a brand, and now a LLC. In 2015, I received my Bachelors degree, in Psychology, from North Carolina Central University. Though I wear many hats, I believe the one that matters most is HUMAN BEING. Now, I know this may seem obvious, or outright silly, but bear with me a moment. We're going to breeze past my childhood home, my favorite elementary school teachers, and my (seemingly infinite) high school romance. While all of those contributed to the Bee Jack that exists, today, they didn't propel me to the level I needed to be on to achieve the goals I dreamed of achieving. It took me years to get where I am today. This place, filled with peace, and joy, where I presently reside, was not always my home. For many years, I lived in chaos. From early childhood onward, I've never had an issue with expressing myself, physically. It was translated through my clothes, my hair, my piercings, my tattoos, etc. I thought that this was the most effective way to express my individuality. Until one day, my heart was broken, and I realized that I couldn't articulate what I felt. I was humiliated & downright afraid to talk to anyone about the emotions that I was harboring inside.  At the time, I believed that being transparent and vulnerable made me weak. Once I began to open up & let the world know that I had feelings. I had emotions. I cried at night, sometimes. I wasn't always "okay." I was HUMAN...I felt so much lighter. So much more free. Nothing seemed impossible, because I overcame myself.  THAT is the moment in time where it all really, truly began. And though it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, it’s been uphill ever since. It's amazing how much brighter life becomes, how much more sense it begins to make, once you stop battling, and begin teaming up with yourself.